Wine & Stories is a weekly Newsletter dedicated to the love of wine.

Consider it a conversation between good friends, sharing a glass together. And sometimes the conversation is not only about the wine in our glasses, but many of the other little "plaisirs" that accompany a good wine. Food, music, a whiskey or two, a restaurant in Paris, or a boutique hotel in the Italian Piedmont.  It is exactly that... Conversations. Discoveries and stories that we share with friends.

The intention of Wine & Stories is to open a world of wine to the heart. Introducing you to wines from here and there. Old world and new world. Red or white. Rosé too. And a champagne or crémant. French. German. Italian. There's an entire world to taste. And hopefully these stories will always share the unexpected. Viognier. Chablis. Pinot Noir. Bordeaux. The list goes on.

The inspiration of Wine & Stories is to bring the art and excellence of vineyards into the mouths of others. Literally, and symbolically speaking. I am by no means an expert of wine, but I understand the emotion and passion of wine. And I am in awe of it.

These are the wines to share with good friends and the guests that you dine. These are the stories that inspire the next bottle of wine you open and enjoy.

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Wine & Stories is sent out to over 10,000 wine lovers around the world. Discovering and sharing. Together.

Currently, the Newsletter is sent out in English and German. And I like to think, one day in French too.

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