Angela Gwinner. A Canadian, now living in Germany. I call both places Home of the Heart. A Sagittarius and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have worked in the arts, created an accessory collection - although it was more play than intention. But the accessories adorned the hands of women all across the world, and the likes of  Lenny Kravitz, Anna Netrobko, Nicole Richie. In 2012, I brought My Beautiful Words to life. It was just meant to be a small project on Facebook, and now reaching out to over 65,000 Followers. This of course inspired WUNDERWORT, a postcard and art print collection, found in boutiques and museum shops thoughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. An English edition for the international market is in the making.

My passions in life? Coffee. And there's a beautiful double meaning with that. Evenings shared with a good bottle of wine and friends. Music. Fados. Classic. Jazz. It's only Rock 'n Roll, but I like it. Or put me on the dance floor. I like walks in the woods and through the vineyards. Take me to the sea and it's a love story. Paris is very possibly the most favourite city to find myself in. Or anywhere in France for that matter. But simply let me travel. There's a world to be discovered and I never want to stop.

I believe in simplicity. It's a philosophy. But I also believe in passion.

And passion I believe, is the essence of everything.